About CTM

CTM is proud to have been a global leader in power mobility since 1995, making freedom available to people of need in over 20 countries. This did not happen by chance, CTM started as a supplier of high quality motorcycle parts to Yamaha and Suzuki in 1975 and was commended on the international quality of these goods by the motorcycle Industry. The enviable reputation which CTM has gained by being a trusted company to many world-renowned brand name manufacturers has helped firmly established itself as one of leading auto and motorcycle component producers...a position which further reinforces the strong foundation for CTM’s future development.

CTM series of mobility products and power chairs exemplify the diversity of the company’s sphere of operation. They are also an acknowledgment of the importance we place on achieving and maintaining superior quality at a very competitive price. These two factors, together with the invaluable input of CTM talented designers and engineers who work within demanding home care research and development guidelines, have been instrumental in CTM’s continuing success both locally and internationally.